Happy art – spreading happiness across the globe

I never thought that people overseas would buy my art! In fact, I was astounded when someone from the United States bought one of my happy critters. The postage cost more than the actual critter, but that did not deter them.

My critters have now travelled far and wide bringing a smile to many people’s faces.

“These are just delightful – certainly brings a smile to my face every time I see them on the outdoor screen. Love them”

I even have a lady in England, called Deborah, who has bought seven of my meditating frogs. She collects frogs and has over 4000! She just loves my meditating frogs, she said they make her smile every time she sets eyes on them.

Ripple of happiness

I love the thought that my happy art is living up to its tag line of colouring the world. It only takes one little ripple of happiness to bring about a positive change and I truly believe that my happy art is creating a few of those ripples.

Be happy, colour the world, Claire

Happy Art
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