I’m not creative – a big fat lie!

Born to create happy art

News flash! Everyone has the ability to be creative.

You were born to create, and yet I bet you think you don’t have a creative bone in your body.

I used to be just like you.

If you’d asked me if I was creative, I would, without hesitation, say, “No way”.

Now I know better!

Creativity is built into our very DNA and it wants to be unleashed. It’s like the Genie in the bottle, who can’t wait to get out and grant your every wish.

When you unleash your creativity you invite joy into your life.

Creative expression brings the treasures buried deep within you into existence, helping you to shine brightly.

Being creative doesn’t mean you have to be an accomplished painter, an expert musician, or a talented sculptor. It simply means creating something that is uniquely yours; something that came into your head, initiated from your heart and brought to life by your body.

Artisan Critters

Happy art popped into my head one day and it came about from the love of making art that made me feel happy. I also quickly realised that my happy art also made others feel happy too. It was a win win for everyone.

So now I create artisan gifts that colour the world with joy and I love it.

Be happy, colour the world, Claire

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