The Art of Creating New Beginnings

Happy New Year everyone and here we go again. The clock ticks over, a new day presents itself and we are off and running. But this is no ordinary day it’s a brand new start to a year.

I find it intriguing. Even though it’s just another Monday our mindset to it is completely different to any other Monday. This Monday represents new opportunities, hope and a chance to create new beginnings (in the Western world that is).

My hope for 2024 is that I continue to live my life honouring three words that keep my values top of mind: Love, Light and Kindness.

Love with all my heart, shine my light every day and be kind and not right.

I have a special signet ring that I was gifted with for my birthday this year and those three words are engraved inside it. This ring will stay on my little finger until the day I pass constantly reminding me to show up in the world as the person I want to be.

The world is a difficult place to live in. Love, light and kindness do not star as a compass in many people’s lives. I know it’s very idealistic of me to think that it would, but it doesn’t stop me from hoping. 

I do know one thing for sure. Even though it’s out of my control to change the way other people think and behave, I do have complete control over how I think and behave.

So in 2024 I will continue to do what I can do in my little neck of the woods. I will love as fiercely as I can. I will try to always fight darkness with light because you can’t fight darkness with darkness. Lastly I will try every day to spread a bit of kindness in whatever way I can.

My hope for you is that in 2024 you will be able to navigate your way through life’s ever-present challenges and along the way to get to love a little and be loved in return. You get to shine your beautiful light and that you experience kindness from a stranger, because this is best feeling ever.

What new beginnings will you create in 2024 that will not only serve you but serve to create a kinder, lighter and more loving world!

Be happy, colour the world

Claire xo

Happy Art
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