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Artisan Gifts

In 2014 I started up a little business called Happiness Bank with the dream of working full time in that space. Nine years later I still haven’t fulfilled that dream, but I have had some fun along the way.

Some may say that I have failed. There have certainly been times over the last nine years that I would have agreed. However, I have decided to tell myself a different story, a story that is still full of possibilities and hope. After all the story is in the journey isn’t it, it’s not just about the ending.

My new story is still about happiness but just in a different format. This is how my new Happy Art story came about…

Whilst immersing myself in all things happiness such as becoming a happiness author, a happiness presenter, a happiness blogger and even completing a Diploma of Positive Psychology, I discovered something else that made me even more happier than doing those things!

It all started at work one day in 2018 when a colleague proudly showed me how she was painting rocks. I was immediately captivated by what she had created and I decided there and then that it would be my new Christmas holiday project.

I researched how to paint on rocks. I bought all of the materials required and set about putting my creative skills to work. I didn’t realise how much fun it would be. My thirst for painting rocks was insatiable. I gifted them to friends and family. I left happy rocks around my community for people to find in the hope that it would brighten their day (and it did).

Happy art rocks

I got better at painting and my love for creating pieces of happy art grew. So much so, that art was all I wanted to focus on. These days I don’t paint on rocks but instead transform metal critters, pieces of cement and garden statues into vibrant garden art sold as artisan gifts.

In light of this I have decided that it’s time for a new direction!

Happiness Bank took me on the most wonderful and enlightening journey and without it I would not have discovered my love for painting. But it’s time to let go and embark on the next chapter. The theme is still happiness but instead of colouring the world through speaking and writing I am colouring the world with artisan gifts instead.

I hope you will continue to join me on the next part of this journey because it’s been an honour sharing it with you so far. When I first set out I had an idea of where I wanted to end up but sometimes life has other plans. What I do know is that wherever I am, is exactly where I am meant to be and I am super happy being right here colouring the world with my happy art.

Be happy colour the world, Claire

Happy Art
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