Whats your perfect day?

Perfect day

I often to talk about putting deposits into your happiness account in order to build a sustainable foundation of happiness. Planning and executing your perfect day is one of the best ways to to do this.  When you are doing the things that you love you create positive emotions, which in turn help your brain to operate at its best.

All too often we forget about doing the things that bring us the most happiness.

This is usually because we are so busing in the ‘doing’ of life (work, household chores, grocery shopping, looking after children or elderly parents, assignments etc) that we forget to take the time out to just ‘be’ us. To be the joyful human beings that we were designed to be.

It’s vital to your wellbeing to hit that pause button once in a while and plan some activities that you know will top up your happiness account.

The other week I decided that I needed a Claire day. A day that was filled with all of the things that I love doing.

This is what my perfect day looked like…

First up a walk to New Farm park and back

Perfect day

A shower and breakfast, followed by one hour of meditation (ha ha don’t you just love my meditation face).

Perfect day

Then off to see a movie all by myself (A star is born). I was the only person in the cinema!

Perfect day

Lunch and an afternoon nap.

A walk by the river with a stop at my favourite seat to ponder life.

Perfect day

Then some time to paint my happy rocks.

Perfect day

And I musn’t forget a chat to my gorgeous plants. Every day I tell them how beautiful they are and thank them for colouring my world.

Perfect day

All done and dusted before my husband Paul got home from work.

It was the most perfect and happy way to spend my day off work.

If you could plan your perfect day what would it look like?

Are you aware of the things that bring you joy. If you have some time off over the Christmas break can I encourage you to hit the pause button and think about what activities you love doing. Write them down and then see if you could plan a day where you can at least do one or two of them.

The more you look after yourself and build your happiness account the more successful you will be in every aspect of your life. Every time you experience positive emotions you are allowing your brain to work at its best. Positive emotions literally expand the boundaries of your mind making you feel more engaged, more motivated and more open to possibilities.

Be happy and colour the world with your joy.


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