The magical power of Pub Choir

Pub Choir

I witnessed joy in action last week. I was amongst a crowd of 800 people all out on a school night with one thing in common; the willingness to open their sound hole (that’s ‘Pub Choir’ speak for mouth) and sing.

For two hours straight I laughed so hard and sung so loud that my cheek bones ached. And I was not the only one affected. When I looked around every single person had a smile on their face as a wide as a Cheshire cat. In fact at one point we were asked to sing with long mouths so some looooong sexy notes could come out. Apparently we were producing short high screechy notes! This was literally impossible to do when you have Astrid, Pub Choir mistress making you laugh all the time. Her way of teaching a song to 800 people, some with no singing experience at all, and some just slightly tipsy is absolutely hilarious. Better than any comedy show I have been to.

As a happiness connoisseur I was in heaven

Everything that I had read about happiness was happening right there in that room. There was connection, a common bond, laughter, creativity, singing, friendship and a love of being in the moment. Mix all of those ingredients together and you have one big ball of positive energy.

I also got to witness the happiness kindness loop in action. Research has proven that when people are happy they are more likely to be kind and want to help others. When you are kind and help others you feel happy all over again and voila; you produce a happiness kindness loop.

Happiness kindness loop

Pub Choir is the perfect way to activate the happiness kindness loop. People are already pumped up knowing they are in for a great night. I was on a happiness high all day at work knowing I had a fabulous night to look forward to. Then when you have spent two hours laughing and singing with 800 people, your brain is exploding with happiness. You instinctively want to share those good vibes with others. Pub Choir always supports a charity and at the end of the night with everyone so happy the donations just flow in.

That’s the magical power of Pub Choir!

I always remember a great quote of Hugh Mackay, a well know social researcher. When asked by journalist Sarah Kanowski what the most meaningful thing in his life was he said personal relationships and singing in a choir. He went on to say that choral singing was a wonderful metaphor for the human condition. On our own we are hopeless but when we come together collectively, collaboratively, in our communities supporting each other we are beautiful.

When Pub Choir brings together 800 people from all walks of life, there are no differences there is just happiness, laughter and beauty.

Be happy, colour the world


2 thoughts on “The magical power of Pub Choir”

  1. Over the past 4 years I have sung in a church choir of 75, then a women’s choir of 30 and now a group of 15 whose members sing 2-3 at a time for Hospice patients at their bedsides. In all three environments, when I have come together collectively and collaboratively in my community, singing has lifted me up, made me happy and filled me with so much joy. Now I have a name for all that – the happiness kindness loop. Thank you for reminding us of the power of opening our mouths and singing loud and proud.

    1. It does not surprise me one bit Carole that you love singing. We have so much in common and I love that you sing for patients in Hospice. It would bring them a little bit of happiness and help them to forget their worries for just a moment. I used to sing in a community choir and absolutely loved it. One day I will join another community choir but for now I will enjoy my monthly pub choir sing-a-longs. Keep that happiness kindness loop going, it’s a great loop to be in!

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